The Walking Dead 100 Project

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Walking Dead #100 Project. 2012.
Acryla Gouache on sketch cover, 14 × 10.5″.

I finally got the go-ahead to reveal my contribution for the Hero Initiative's newest "100 Project." I imagine the scene to be taking place around issue #67 or so. Things are not going well, to say the least, but they're about to find hope. These covers aren't up for auction just yet, but the Hulk I did for them is on the block.

I'm off to Providence today to speak to RISD students. I don't think it's going to be an open lecture after all, but it will include a couple classes. In other news, I'll be doing a variant cover for Action Comics #18, my first professional gig for DC (!). And for those of you who enjoyed my recent Lord of the Rings work, I'll be doing another movie poster for Mondo... for one of my favorite movies ever.

Have a great weekend!

Rick, get out of there!!

Look out!

You're surrounded!


  1. How can we buy those Mondo posters?

    1. As soon as I have my copies, I'll decide how to dispense with them. I should have about 20 or so.

  2. Love it! Was it done with acrylics?

    1. Thanks, Felipe! It was painted with Acryla Gouache, which is an acrylic paint that dries to a matte finish like regular gouache.


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