Precious Cargo

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Precious Cargo (Lord of the Rings). 2012. Photoshop, 24 × 36″.

Part of me wanted to name this "Precious Moments." This limited edition, screen-printed poster will be available today from Mondo Posters. From what I hear, these things go fast, so follow them via social media for the latest updates. This is my first time working with the team, but I hope to work with them again. We wants it.


  1. It's .... wait for it.... precious.

  2. Paolo Rivera + Mondo = The world is not enough.

    Freaking awesome!

  3. Ahhhh...:-) What a highlight in my eyes!!!! Great Paolo!!!

  4. great poster. I was fortunate enough to purchase one.
    I want you to put out more as well.

  5. Are there any AP copies in planning? please!!

  6. Thanks, everybody! I hope to work for them again soon. I will have a limited number of the posters to sell myself, but I haven't decided how to dispense with them. Maybe on-line, maybe only at cons, but I'll post it here when I've decided.

  7. I will buy one from you! I love the colors and the composition. Great work man.


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