100 Covers!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

100 Marvel Covers. 2002-2013. Various mediums and sizes.

As promised, here's a compilation of my first 100 Marvel covers. It only took me 10 years. Crazy to think that N.C. Wyeth did over 3,000 paintings... and he didn't have Photoshop. I uploaded this pic a bit larger so be sure to click on it for the full effect.

I'll be heading to Providence on Friday to give a lecture at RISD, my alma mater. Not sure of the venue yet, but it may be open to all students. (Hopefully, we'll get the ISB Gallery). Hope to see you there!


  1. Beautiful work. Huge congratulations on your 100th cover! thats a great accomplishment. I don't follow comics anymore (not because I don't like them or care, but for other reasons), but I absolutely love your work.

  2. Congrats Paolo! They're all beauties.


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