Wacky Reference Wednesday, No. 176

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

X-Men Unlimited #48 Cover. 2003. Oil on masonite, 12 × 18″.

While digging through the archives the other day, I stumbled upon some old reference for this cover, painted while I was a senior at RISD. I spend most of my time working alone now (sniff), but back in those days, the Illustration Building 4th floor studio was a lively place filled with friends and constant inspiration.

I asked one of those friends, Go Sugimoto, if he would like to ride shotgun in the cab Wolverine was surfing. I asked my friend, Maris Wicks, to print out this reference for me in the computer lab. Somehow, a picture of her with glowing eyes and a blurry-handed Juan Diaz ended up on the print. Or something like that—it was a long time ago. You can see me posing as the Clawed Canuck on Wacky Reference Wednesday #20.

Speaking of RISD, my Captain America movie poster will be on display in Providence for the ICON 7 show. The opening is June 13th—I'm going to pretend it's a college reunion.


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