Wacky Reference Wednesday, No. 173

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Daredevil #12 Cover. 2012. Ink on Marvel board, 11 × 17.25″.

Today marks the debut of Chris Samnee on Daredevil—you're all in for a treat. You can see a 5-page preview here. I provided the "pulse-pounding" cover for the issue, going so far as to ink it myself (I can't let my Dad have all the fun).

Hot! Hot! Hot!

I had originally submitted this concept for issue 3 of the series, but there wasn't room for the scene. My editor, Steve Wacker, also rightfully pointed out that we hadn't yet established the radar sense by that point—covers are submitted a couple months in advance. 

The 2 bottom pics are from last year, while I was still living in Brooklyn. Since they were mirror images, the buttons are on the correct side for a woman's shirt. It's a minor detail, but a lot of new artists miss it.

1. Pencil sketch with digital color  2. Digital Composite  3. Original art

This was a relatively simple cover, so I just inked over the blue-line print of my digital sketch. Once I got into coloring, however, I ended up making the whole shirt flat black. It was a happy accident, but I liked the resultant tone.


  1. Happy accidents are definitely good things. Also, thanks for being conscious of the fact that men and women button their clothing on different sides. That's a minor thing, but something that I always notice, coming from a tailoring background.

    Oh, yeah. Have I said you draw great hands lately? ]| )

  2. Excellent as always, great gesture on the hand, awesome topographical...chest, and the solid black shirt works great

  3. The accidental black shirt definitely works, almost giving the image a silhouette feel. I really like it:)

  4. Good stuff. Comics need more covers like this. Keep it up!

  5. Thanks, everybody! Hope you all enjoy the issue.


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