Wacky Reference Wednesday, No. 174

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daredevil #10, Page 1. 2012. Ink(ed by Joe Rivera) with
digital color (by Javier Rodriguez) on Marvel board, 11 × 17.25″.

I've checked the dates, and it looks like Wacky Reference #200 will fall on Halloween this year. With such an auspicious coincidence, I may just have to host a WRW contest. I've been mulling over the details, but I'll announce it as soon as I have a some clue of what I'm doing. In the meantime, here are 2 awesome pictures of me in my Daytona Beach, Summer of 2006 t-shirt... with a rolled-up piece of paper.

1. Digital Layout  2. Pencils

3. Blue-line print  4. Inks


  1. Sometimes I suffer with your wacky reference posts... Have you tried Poser? If you don´t know how to draw the human figure is useless, but if you do, and you do, is a great software. Tricky at first, but great. Best-

  2. I've never tried it, but it seems useful if you already know how to draw. There's a similar feature in Zbrush where you can pose mannequins and light them. Haven't used it yet, but I'm looking for an excuse.

  3. Hey Paolo, love ur work on that retro looking ghost rider book u did yrs back, till this day it remains one of my favs and trust me I'm a huge ghost rider addict

  4. The mannequins and the famous zspheres are really good tools, very expressive. The advantage of Poser is that you can have a complete scene, with figures (& poses), background and props, pretty quickly. Also is easy to import objs. from sketchup. Since we don´t have to render anything because we only use the basic structure and perspective to help our drawing, is fine. Anyway don´t listen to me, I´m still practising to incorporate it into my workflow -in the last months I´ve done lots of stuff just with me and my camera... Nice Daredevil, by the way!


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