X-[Mad] Men: First Class

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mythos: X-Men Cover. 2004. Oil on masonite, 16 x 24".

If you haven't heard, a new X-Men movie is coming out this year, and the first trailer just premiered on-line. While it looks promising, they pretty much had me at January Jones. As if setting the the story during the Cuban Missile crisis were not enough, they've cast the Mad Men star as Emma Frost to round out that 60s style. Throw in some Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw and I'm there. Pictured above is my own take on the X-Men's "First Class." I can't believe I painted this six years ago.


  1. I really would have loved it if they would have had the original team in the movie and rebooted the series as a period piece.

    But it does like like Matthew Vaughn will deliver a great movie.

  2. Paolo are you coming for Comic Arts Forum next week at SCAD? If you are I would love to get another portfolio review with you and attend a workshop.

  3. This was my first introduction to your work. That and your spectacular spider-man issue with paul jenkins are still incredible inspirations!

  4. Reau, that would've been cool, indeed. Still, I'm just amazed they were allowed to set anything in the 60s.

    Melanie, I'm afraid not. Haven't ruled it out for the future, though. Unfortunately, I just heard that SCAD Con was cancelled, which I had planned on attending.

    Thanks so much, Marcel!


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