NYCC 2010 Commissions—Wolverine

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wolverine. Ink and Acryla Gouache on a comic book, 7 x 10.5".

Although I usually try to limit the sketch cover commissions to black and white head sketches, I had a little more time (and motiva$ion) to render a half-figure. The paper that is typically used for these custom covers is good enough to draw on, but not really absorbent enough for watercolor, my medium of choice for conventions since it doesn't require immediate brush cleaning. Because I was able to take this one home, I used Holbein's Acryla Gouache for the color accents. The only trick is that it must be applied before the ink since the the paint is, by its very nature, opaque.

Aside from that, I'm still plugging away at my secret project which should (hopefully) be done next week. That'll be just in time to start my next project... which will also be secret for the time being. Have a great weekend!


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