NYCC 2010 Commissions—Freddy Krueger

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Freddy Krueger. 2010. Watercolor on paper, 9 x 12".

I painted this commission while I was home in Florida (as if my parents didn't have enough reasons to think I'm weird). It was a nice change of pace, though—I always enjoy requests that are off the beaten path. Although, I must say, I can't get a good read on his expression. It looks like I caught him off-guard at a party about to smile... like if we panned out a bit, we'd see a beer in his hand (the non-gloved one).


  1. I love his expression. He looks more insane than he ever did in the movies. Everyone I show this to comments on how awesome his eyes are. Thanks again, Paolo.

  2. Glad you like it, Tucker. Thanks for the commission!


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