Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 127

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fantastic 60s. 2010. Gouache and
acrylic on bristol board, 11 x 17".

Three out of Fantastic Four ain't bad. Here I am portraying everyone but Sue Storm, who (fortunately) was modeled after the lovely Danielle (whose birthday happens to be today—happy birthday!).

It was really humid that day; I changed into shorts as soon as I could.

Auxiliary reference. Nice Oakleys. Skull from Anatomy Tools.

Underpainting. Gouache and watercolor.

Layout. Pencil on bristol board, 4 x 6".
Digital Color Study. Photoshop over pencil rough.


  1. Superb image. Your composition and style are phenominal. Love it.

  2. Awesome art as always! Its very cool to see your process stuff! One question, though, why do you use watercolour first, before the gouache?

    Keep up the awesome work man!

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Miguel, I use both in the underpainting, mainly because I have a burnt sienna watercolor tube and a burnt umber gouache tube. The general idea, however, is to keep the foundation very thin, so the paint is watered down quite a bit for both mediums.

  4. Bernie Fuchs visit you at night Paolo? Or was it Coby Whitmore ?

    in all seriousness, I fell over in awe when I saw this ...

  5. I have a question regarding color studies: Do you print out your digital color sketch? Or do you keep a PS window open?

  6. Narco, I usually print them out, but this one was so simple, I didn't bother. Sometimes I paint over the prints as well, which helps me match color. I've also been using my iPad to view color studies and reference as well. Helps keep things organized.

  7. Thanks for the answer paolo, keep up the awesome work! :D


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