Surfin' in San Diego

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I never knew that Silver Surfer needed an iPhone. I wonder if he gets good reception in space. Maybe he's using his board as an antenna? Maybe his whole body? And whose butt is that in the foreground? Anyway, thanks for posing, Norrin!


  1. I didn't say it because I knew you would.

  2. Hi Paolo! I have to ask, but are those 'Starter' underwear he's wearing? You always have the best gems. I wish we could have made it to San of these days when I'm not crashing into parked cars (completely sober) and having babies (completely sober too). I was hoping to check you out in NY this October, but the date is too close to my delivery time. Wouldn't that be something, I'm all happy dorking out Blackest NIght, then I go straight into labor? Fun times <3

  3. Leia, that's amazing! Best of luck with bringing a future comic fan into the world. And yes, those are indeed Starter skivvies... almost mentioned it in the post.

    And watch out for parked cars—they usually come at you from the side!

  4. They actually kicked him out of the comic con because he wasn't wearing a shirt and the surfboard was dangerous. Security pulled him out of the Smallville line and escorted him out.

  5. This saddens me. He seemed like a nice herald to me.


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