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Monday, August 23, 2010

After tearing it up in San Diego, my Dad and I drove up the coast of California to San Francisco. It was an awesome trip, so I thought I'd share some photos over the coming weeks. First up: our trip to the California Science Center in LA — the same place that hosted Body Worlds back in 2004.

Also, if you didn't catch my tweet yesterday, I was recently interviewed by Comic Geek Speak about OMIT and the upcoming Fan Expo. They even went so far as to give in-depth reviews for Amazin' Spidey issues 638 and 639. And in case you missed my first conversation with them in 2007, you can find the full podcast here.

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  1. allo paolo

    not sure if you remember me, we had a class with nich J once :p was wondering if you'd be keen to do a one page poster art for a Malinky Robot collection out next year :)

    lemme know - email sonny123 (at) singnet (dot) com (dot)sg

    sonny liew


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