Amazing Spider-Man #640

Monday, August 16, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #640, Page 20. 2010. Ink on Marvel board, 11 x 17.25".

The third issue of One Moment in Time comes out tomorrow, so be sure to buy enough copies for you and everyone you know. If these 4 issues were my children, this would be my favorite. Not to say the others aren't great... they just... you know... tried to vie for my attention in ways that I didn't find becoming of my own offspring.

Anywho, you can see a short preview for yourself here.


  1. Your line width in this piece is amazing, I love the space between spidey and mary j and the incredible city scape behind them.

  2. Holy cr--how long did it take you to complete that cityscape?

  3. DAMN, that's a nice page!

  4. Great stuff Paolo. Love the city work. Wish I would have seen this one in person!

  5. Mike (Lawrence), thank you so much. The real challenge was figuring out which buildings to black out for the composition to work. But I knew color would help as well.

    Mark, thanks! It was a pleasure meeting you in San Diego and I hope our paths cross again soon.

    Mike (Maher), you should've said something — it was all sitting right there! Thanks for stopping by, though.

    Narco, here's your hourly breakdown:
    Layout: 3.5
    Digital Composite: 1.75
    Lightbox Transfer: .75
    Pencils: 17
    Inks: 15.75
    Colors: 6.5

    For a grand total of... 45.25 hours (which doesn't include Orpheus' flatting time) — basically half a week's work. That's why not every page looks like this!

  6. Your work is gorgeous!

  7. Have to say I love your blog. Its probably the most insightful and informative art blogs on the net. So great job on that.

    I was wondering if you lightbox the entire background from reference photos. If so, do you lay in the background and then erase the area with Spidey and put him in? I'm really curious on the process you used for this page.

    Thanks again for all your hard work and keeping a great blog up.

  8. Thanks, Angelus!

    David, this is the page I plan to dissect in painstaking detail for my upcoming lecture, so you'll have to wait a little while before the full explanation. In the meantime, I'll say that it's a mix of Google Earth, Street View, and various supplementary references from around the web. The initial stage requires lightboxing, including perspective guides that I construct in Photoshop.

    Hope to have more for you soon!


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