One More Interview Time

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #639, Page 2. 2010.
Ink with digital color on Marvel board, 11 x 17.25".

I've got a new interview about OMIT (accompanied by two preview pages from the second issue) at A big thanks goes out to Marc Strom for putting it all together.


  1. Omigod look at that city scape!

    And I'm having trouble with Haha. Lots of work to do.

  2. Glad you like, Narco. You'll be happy to know that I draw at least one kitchen in issue 2. Keep your eyes peeled.

  3. Oooh-wee! Haven't been here in a while and had to let you know I'm loving the lighting an composition of this and the previous page. There's a burning ember tone to the whole thing that is really evocative.

    Always so much to absorb from your work.

  4. Thanks, Michael! This was one of the few pages for which I did a color study first. It takes a little time up front, but the payoff is usually worth it.


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