ASM 639 Preview

Friday, July 30, 2010

There's a preview of Amazing Spider-Man #639 at The book comes out next week, so be sure to pick it up. As for me, I'm blogging from San Francisco, and should be in Florida by tomorrow night. The trip's been awesome so far. I'll have to share some of the highlights after I get back. Have a great weekend!


  1. I just read Amazing #638. Great job! Just like the Punisher story, I can't put it down.

  2. Thanks so much, Narco! The second issue should be even better. I think my personal favorite is the third, 640. I think everything comes out this month.

  3. Paolo,

    I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago and bought ASM 638 (pt 1 of OMIT)at Forbiden Planet. When I brought it home it looked like you had autographed it. Is this possible?


  4. Ric, it's not just possible... I did, in fact, sign a stack of books there. You've got the real deal. Thanks for picking it up!

  5. Hi Paolo,

    Just wanted to thank you and Joe for some extremely powerful, gut-wrenching storytelling in ASM 639.

    Joe's words cut deep and you really sold them with your body language and compositions.

    I also knew you to be a Spidey artist that communicated both the creepy and cool sides of his image and, with this issue, you also conveyed the "little guy performing feats of great strength" to a T. Also really got the sense that, to a guy with these powers, every surface is a floor.


  6. Thanks, Michael! And yes, I never put Spidey on the ground unless specifically asked to do so.


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