Two Weeks Left!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spectrum 17 Call For Entries Poster
ink on paper/Photoshop
16 x 20"

Fellow artists, you have less than two weeks to get your act together and submit to the Spectrum 17 competition. I was honored this year to provide the Call For Entries Poster, so if you read this blog, you have no excuse for a missed deadline (I've certainly mentioned it enough times). If you did not receive a poster in the mail, fear not: you can still download the appropriate forms from their web site. I also have a limited number of posters (unfolded) that I will be selling at conventions and, eventually, on-line.

Spectrum is a fantastic way to showcase your work to your peers around the world, not to mention potential clients. The only barrier to inclusion is the quality of your work, so do your best and submit. Best of luck to everyone!

This is the background that I had originally wanted, but there was something about the blue that wasn't translating well into CMYK.

This is a screen capture of my Illustrator art board. When doing graphic design work, I like surrounding myself with as many options as possible, from typefaces to color swatches.

This was very early on in the process, hence the dummy content that was appropriated from a video game some of you may recognize. At this point, I was just trying to balance all of the information that needed to be included. Eventually, I axed the location options due to space restrictions.

I briefly toyed with the idea of simulating an 80s-era game via extreme pixelation, but the type suffered too much in the process.


  1. Good job Paolo. I just got Spectrum 16 for Christmas. Good book for inspiration. Liked the work you did in it. I think my favorite is a painting of C3PO by Greg Manchess.

  2. I loved the poster you did this year. Mailed my three pieces in week before last. fingers crossed that I get at least one of them in the book.

  3. Yes, Sam, that painting was awesome. I didn't even recognize it as him at first. Glad you liked mine too!

    Evan, I'm so happy you liked the poster. It was a dream come true for me. Best of luck with your entries. I've still got to get my work out this week.

  4. Paolo, i just wanted to stop by and say your spectrum 17 poster is amazing. I did a good amount of laughing with this piece.


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