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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mythos: Spider-Man page 11, panel 2 (detail). 2007.
Acrylic and gouache
, 11 x 17"

Best of luck, Conan! Thanks for hosting Spider-Man on Late Night (and for inviting us to the show back in 2007).

Mythos: Spider-Man page 11, panel 4


  1. P.-Exactly! Conan should just jump to FOX and show them what'for.

  2. I'm with Coco as well. I am loco for coco! (Well, I like Andy Richter more, but then again...the wife and I LOOOVE Andy and his cancelled in a week sitcoms.)

  3. Janimal, that would be interesting to see. Though, I must admit, I fall into the article's demographic that supports Conan, but doesn't get to watch him much ('course, having a TV and time would probably help that).

    Sean, I'm a big fan of Andy too. Maybe he should get the 11:30 slot?

  4. Thank you for posting these. Team Conan all the way!

  5. My pleasure, Sam.

    Joe... I agree.

  6. I love your work. I met you once in NYC Apple Con.
    You were both nice and willing to about your process
    and projects. I believe back then you were still painting the Mythos using oil paintings. I was at SVA and thought he is nuts to paint that many pages using oil. When you switched to acrylics in Hulk Mythos I was still blown away. Currently you ink and digitally paint, I fully understand the reason for the change but I miss the painted comics. When Marvel launched the painted What if? I thought What if he had actually painted those issues? I respectfully wanna say that I feel like you lost your edge when you switched to ink. You have the talent and the drive so with time you will prove if your inks can match your paintings. I still love your current work. But your Mythos was something else. There great illustrators that still use oil and acrylic paints but when it comes to super hero comics you have Alex Ross, Dan Brereton, Esad Ribic, and you.
    When the right project comes I hope you paint again interiors.

  7. Anonymous, thank you for the kind words. I miss the painted work too, but I don't miss the kinds of crazy hours required to do it. Although, to be perfectly honest, I still work the same amount of hours, I just have a lot more to show for it (both work and pay). If I ever paint anything else, it will probably be non-Marvel... but that's a long way off.

    Alejandro, thanks! Glad to hear it.


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