Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 83

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mythos: Captain America (page 11, panel 8)
acrylic and gouache on bristol board
3.5 x 4.4"

In this panel, Steve Rogers looks up from his bunk to see his fellow soldiers engaged in the type of revelry in which he can't partake (he must keep a low profile so as not to compromise his secret identity... you know, superhero stuff). As usual, I play all the cast members. The page itself was pretty complex, so I've included the planning stages below.

preliminary layout
pencil on paper
4 x 6"

digital color study

pencil and charcoal
(a media experiment that lasted but 1 page)
11 x 17"


  1. Hi Love your blog
    Just wondered with the charcoal under drawing did you try and "Fix" it or just paint / work on top?
    Did this cause many problems ?

  2. Nope, just straight charcoal, which was part of the problem. I paint on paper because of its absorbency, so putting a layer of fixative would defeat the purpose for me. It's worth a shot though, so don't rule it out. Primarily, charcoal just isn't good for the scale that I work at, which requires a lot of fine detail. I would consider using it again for a cover or pin-up with a large central figure. In that case, it's better than pencil.


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