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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I was the weekend guest artist on my mom's blog, Color Informal (something tells me I had an unfair advantage). Most of the featured artwork has been posted here on my own blog, but there's some new photography as well. The image above is part of a series of photos from my trip to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

I was there to visit my good friends (and fellow RISD alumni), Mike Sherman and David Pettibone during their open studio event this fall. I had always wanted to get a peek inside the vast complex, so I jumped at the opportunity, taking tons of photos along the way. Perhaps I'll post some more later in the week. In the meantime, Mike and David are going to be my guest artists.

David Pettibone. Coup D'Etat (detail)
oil on linen

Michael Sherman. Mill
48 x 60"
oil on canvas


  1. Hi Paolo,
    I visited your work via Colour Informal and it is fabulous to see your process as well as the finished work!
    As I said on my comment there i would love to show your work to boys if was still teaching that high school age group. They would love your work and it might inspire them to persist. have you ever taught or are you too busy to think of such things?
    I am a fan of Virginia's photos - she has a very unique way of seeing!
    best wishes for your career!
    ps you have talented friends too!

  2. Thanks, Sophie! Funny you should ask — I don't teach often, but I was in the city last Friday giving a talk and doing a demo for a group of high school students. I had a great time (and it seemed like they did too). Now if I could figure out a way to do that regularly and still hit my deadlines!


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