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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #615 Cover
ink on bristol board/Photoshop
11 x 17"

I stopped by the comic shop today and was happy to see that I had something on the stands (it's been a while). Although this cover was originally intended to be the second of the two-part series, it makes sense as the first (you can see the step-by-step here , original art here, and the other cover here). Also, I'd like to note that this counts as somewhat of a jam-piece with Joe Quinones, whose art is used as the variant cover, as well as The Gauntlet insignia. It's a great story (Fred Van Lente) with great art (Javier Pulido) so I highly recommend it!

Iron Man
Iron Man (personal commission)
acrylic and gouache on paper
6 x 10"

In other news, the Iron Man 2 trailer has hit and, I must say, I'm pretty dern'd excited. You can check it out at Comic Book Resources.


  1. That Iron Man portrait is awesome. And I just checked out the IM2 trailer online the other day, the scenes with him and War Machine look incredible.

  2. Thanks, Eric. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high (but it's so hard with footage like that).


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