Painting Ghost Rider

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in 2006, Tim Leong of Comic Foundry produced a great series of videos detailing my painting process on Mythos: Ghost Rider. Unfortunately, some of the audio is missing from one. I assure you, that is where I had the most intelligent things to say.

I don't paint exactly like this any more, but most of the process is the same. I tend to use more straight gouache these days, and usually begin with a monochromatic underpainting. Also, I paint at standard comic art size now (11" x 17" paper), which makes things a little easier on my eyes.

These videos cover the entire process and go into some depth, so I hope you enjoy them. Thanks again to Tim for putting it all together!


  1. Thanks for sharing these videos its really refreshing to see how other artists tackle their pages. I would have never have thought of organizing the script in a binder like that. I tend to do all my general thumbnails directly on the script as well. These were great.
    P.S. Watch out for that 3-d web, haha my jaw dropped when I heard that one oh wells.

  2. Thanks for sharing, great film clips and fantastic to watch you work.

  3. Very helpful; thank you.

  4. Glad you liked them, gentlemen. It wouldn't have been possible without Tim, who instigated the whole thing, seeing it through to completion.

  5. Awesome vids! My only critique is Tim has a crunchy, squeeky camera.

  6. aopaul, I seem to remember it being my squeaky chairs, but I could be mistaken. Either way, I'm glad that was the only flaw you could find. Thanks!

  7. The audio in the second video completely cuts out part way through the video. Do you recall what you were saying?

    1. Yeah, sorry about that. I'm afraid that was too long ago for me to recall. Judging by what I was painting and the chapter titles, I was probably talking about using Acryla Gouache with a lot of water to build up color slowly. I'm much more tentative when it comes to the figure and faces because those strokes count so much more than everything else. I don't get very bold with the brush until I know exactly what I want.


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