Iron Man Armory

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I found this pic on-line while searching around for Iron Man armory pics. This cover, my first for Marvel, was painted over 7 years ago (while I was still working at the legendary Olive Garden). I'm glad to see that it's still being used.

I've also heard from a reliable source that a print of this was hanging around the production offices of the Iron Man movie. When they released the first batch of photos from the set of Iron Man 2, I couldn't help but notice that Stark's suits were starting to form a circle. That, of course, doesn't mean they were using me for inspiration, but that's what I'm going to tell everyone! We'll know for sure if there's an electrical outlet behind every suit.


  1. I liked the step-by-step of this cover too

  2. Thanks, Andrea. That's one of the few times I documented the process for an oil painting. I still have a couple others, but I haven't gotten a chance to post them yet. Maybe some day!

  3. That is so awesome. Hey man, you never know if they used yours for inspiration, give yourself some credit ;) this Iron Man piece is serious bad assery at it's finest.

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Eric.


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