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Monday, August 31, 2009

Growing up in Florida with the ability to draw elicits the same response from everyone: "Are you going to work for Disney when you grow up?" With two parents who worked at Disney World (caricatures and retail), little love for the characters (pre-Pixar), and a discouraging understanding of the meticulous animation process, the answer was always a resounding "no."

Oh, the things we say when we are young. In case you haven't heard yet, check out the article in the Times.


  1. Huahuahuahauhauhau!!!! Now you work for Mickey Mouse...

    Sight... Lets pray they don´t mess up with the editorial choices...

  2. Pixar saved Disney.
    Marvel/Pixar team up???

    I read John Lasseter is excited about it.

  3. I heard about the Marvel/Disney pick up.. I've got mixed feelings about it. Please share your own on this news, because I sort of feel like Disney is the devil.

  4. Yup as soon as I heard this this morning my left arm went a bit numb... Lets see how Marvel stands up to the Big Mouse. I'm more worried for artist rights. Will Disney frown on artists selling Convention Commissions, Artists Sketchbooks etc. with Marvel characters? All I know is Carl Barks is probably turning in his grave right now. Lets hope for the best! Who knows maybe now Disney will lower comic cover prices...

  5. Still trying to make up my mind on this one, guys. Maybe do another post on it once I do. In the meantime, I don't think too much is going to change, especially in my corner of the Marvel Universe.

  6. I agree, Manny, convention commissions immediately came to mind.

    That, and glitter webs on mouse ears.


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