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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mythos: X-Men, page 23, panel 4

Having been soundly defeated by Magneto, the team flees the scene as a news helicopter trains a spotlight on them.

The second half of this book took place at night, so I began most of the pages with blue underpaintings. I let some of it show through in certain places, particularly the shadow under cyclops' right boot cuff.


  1. hawt damn this is intense, angels wings are so well done ...

  2. Thanks! Haven't painted with my hog bristles in quite a while.

  3. hello,

    X men mythos and the doom cover are my favorite , the oil period ( I have a panel from X men mythos)
    I d like to know which kind of medium you used and if you applied a varnish ? , and I think you take a picture instead scan ?
    I wish one day you paint again with oil and why not a step by step ?

    greg (from France)

  4. Gregox, each page was different when it came to mediums. Initially, I used a lot of Liquin because it dried so quickly, then I tried a mixture of linseed oil, turpentine, and damar varnish. By the time I was painting X-Men, I was using straight linseed oil, if any medium at all.

    I generally used retouch varnish at the end (and sometimes in between painting sessions), which can be used relatively quickly (as opposed to Damar, for example, which requires 6 months drying time before application).

    With X-Men, Marvel scanned the initial pages for me, but I ended up doing the rest at home. For a book like Spectacular Spider-Man #14, I took photographs of each panel and digitally composed them.

    I'd love to do a step-by-step, but I'll have to look through my archives first. I only took progress pics for some of the pages.


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