Movin' On Up

Monday, July 27, 2009

I finally got a large-format scanner. No more stitching 3 scans together in Photoshop for me, no siree. To celebrate, I've scanned in a page from my big sketch book (which is actually still a little too big). These Doc Ock sketches are from 2004.

For those of you who have ever contemplated the jump (and it is a big one), I got the Epson GT-20000. So far, so good.


  1. So Doc Ock is a Nike fan then, eh?

  2. Awesome! They really do make it hard to go back to a regular-sized scanner, don't they?

    I got a mustek scanner about 3 years back...unfortunately, the things don't have any sort of driver support or anything like that since they were as old as dirt when I got one...

  3. Apparently, James. I don't recall ever getting paid for that product placement. Maybe I should make some calls.

    Drew, I had considered several different brands, including Mustek, but ultimately went with Epson because I trust the brand. I had eyed this particular model before, but they didn't support Macs at the time.

  4. You definitely made a smart choice over Mustek. They're alright, but I imagine the Epson handles colors much better than the Mustek does (handles lineart fine though, but tends to wash out colors every now and then...)

    Plus, I'm sure you'll have driver support for quite awhile, heh.

  5. My god.. that scanner is sexy.


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