Young Allies Cover

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I had previously posted the pencils for this cover, but here is the final colored version, along with the preliminary steps. It's due in stores June 17th, but I've got to finish it by May 19th! Never enough time!

You can see it with trade dress at Marvel's site. They also made me change the question mark to a star.



sketch for approval

And, for good measure, my editor asked me for another cover sketch. I think this one would've been fun too. Remember: never give your editors the option of choosing a sketch you don't like (because they will always pick that one).


  1. what!? you march right back over there and tel them the stands as is. but thena again amans gotta' eat. sweet Paolo

    peace out

  2. Different from what I usually have seen from you. Looks kool

  3. The choice of color palette is perfect! It brings a strong nostalgic feeling to the overall composition which is Amazingly classic. Another job well done.

  4. man I cant wait for a wacky reference wednesdays for this piece..

  5. Actually, Ray, I don't think I used any reference for this cover... I swear!


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