Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here's the inked version of the pencils I posted on Tuesday.


  1. Hey Paolo,

    I was curious in knowing if you are using a cold pressed board with a bit of tooth in it, to get those nice gradients in the gas tank and that Fonzie leather jacket? Because the texture of ink with dry brush tends to be a bit different with hot press paper...

  2. Ah, side cars. There is No way to look cool while riding in a side car.

  3. That frame is a very cool illustration by itself.

  4. Is there a chance that you and (as I heard) your friend R.K. Johnson do some sort of book with ink-drawings together at some point??

    It's great to watch what you turn out here!

    Fantastic drawings. If I might say so!!

  5. niiiiiice crowd. would of never thought to handle it like that.

  6. Manny, I'm using the standard Marvel, art board, which has got some tooth to it. Otherwise, I usually opt for cold-pressed so I can achieve that effect. In addition, I like to let my ink "set" for just a bit, so it's thick by the time I use it.

    Kyle, I hope I can prove that statement wrong in the coming month. Wish me luck.

    Looka, as cool as that would be to collaborate on a book, I don't foresee that in the near future. You'd probably see us work together on a story before that happened.




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