Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 46

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've always liked toys, so finding a legitimate excuse to buy some is not difficult for me. They really are quite useful, though (so I tell myself). This panel and detail is from Mythos: X-Men, page 14, in which Magneto attacks a military base. Who knew gun casings were magnetic?

Also of note is my consummate ability to ignore the giant hand in each picture.


  1. It seens like it´s time for me to go back to childhood and buy a few too, hehehe...

    Nice panel!

  2. Great use of reference! Loved the earlier SketchUp post (among others) as well.

    Inspiring work, man . . .

  3. Paolo, thanks for posting the "Wacky Reference Wednesday" focused on this painting which I'm enjoying in person now since I received it a week before.

    I feel very lucky and proud to be its new owner since it's an awesome work of art. I can't stop to be amazed at your mastery with lightning and mood. If you add this a very fluid and dinamic storytelling and the use of "Wacky" reference, it looks like the comic comes to life, and the characters get flesh and bones.

    Till I find some time to scan the HUGE piece and assemble the six pieces, I already scanned the cover of Iliad #7. Any of you interested to enjoy a jumbo image of it, you'll find it here:
    I just hope that I could capture the beauty of the piece.


  4. I posted a clearer image:

  5. Ferran,

    I'm so glad you like the piece. Thanks for the kind words... and thanks for the post on your blog.

  6. At last I could scan the painting! You'll find a large image here: http://tinyurl.com/daagej

    I also included it in the section focused on you in my CAF gallery:

    Since it's so large as a DPS, I had to scan it in six parts and assemble it. I tried my best to capture the originals colors, but this is all I could get. I hope this is enough for others fans to get the idea.

    BTW, thanks for the signed print!

  7. Thanks again, Ferran. Now you know why I don't paint at that size anymore... they look nice, but they're difficult to scan.

  8. Did you scan them by yourself?! I thought you shipped them to Marvel or maybe you asked a pro to do it!
    I'm not surprised that you painted Hulk on 8,5' x 12' sheets! ;-)

  9. Ha! Marvel has scanned a very limited number of my pages. When they did, I tried to take them in myself and wait while they scanned. Otherwise, they seem to get damaged.

    They're good when it comes to regular artwork, but they have a tougher time with painted work, especially at weird sizes. I guess I like causing trouble.


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