Dynamic Anatomy Man

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I came across these progress pics the other day — I didn't even realize I had taken any. This is an anatomical study based on Burne Hogarth's Dynamic Anatomy. I completed the (roughly) 1:6 scale sculpture during my year abroad in Rome (2001-2002). The drawings in the background were used as a constant reference throughout the process. You can see (bad) pictures of the finished piece on my web site.

Eventually, I'll get around to taking some better photos, but the sculpture itself is not faring so well — it's been through a lot.


  1. hogarth's anatomy always frighten me a little...btw I wanted to underline how I apprecite your stuff and the usefull work(references and tricks and tool of this wonderful job) you post on this blog I discover few time ago;) sorry for my horriful english,and saluti da roma!you rock, V

  2. Looks tight. Looks like you used sculptee


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