Friday the 13th, Again

Thursday, March 12, 2009

As was mentioned earlier this week at the Art Department, I will be contributing to this year's MicroVisions, an auction that benefits the Society of Illustrators student scholarship fund. I don't often get to do whatever I want, so this was a nice opportunity to explore the recesses of my brain. This is the color study I came up with, the final version of which I should finish next week (it'll only be 5 x 7 inches, hence "Micro"). Possible titles: Hurricane Kachina, The Audacity of Hopi, or (most likely) Welcome to the New World.

I had better finish this next week since I'll be going to Taiwan on the 21st. I can't wait! I get to spend two weeks with the girlfriend that I never see because we're always working so much.

Speaking of which, I'm already a few pages into my current project, Young Allies, part of the Timely 70th Anniversary series. I was going to stick with Spidey for the time being, but I couldn't resist another World War II story. Roger Stern is writing and I'm doing pencils, inks, and colors. Once it gets solicited, I'll show some of the work. It's a great script — probably the most action-packed one I've illustrated.

Have a great weekend!


  1. this looks really awesome, cant wait to see the finish

  2. Cool color palette and great lights. Is the big fella left arm supposed to be that long?

  3. Yep. Might make some changes in the final, but I wanted to make him as weird as possible.

  4. That's Cool!

    So when you going back to Spidey? ;)

  5. Patience, James, patience.

    Hopefully after Young Allies. I should finish up mid-May, so I'd like to get a nice summer project going (but nothing's for sure yet).

  6. I love the spidey stuff, but this is a million times more exciting to see. Any chance of doing a short tied to this, or even in a similar vein, for an anthology?

  7. mmmmmike, probably not in the near future. Perhaps in the far, far future.


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