Heroines 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Jean Grey Head Sketch
This is the last batch of commissions from the Heroes Con. I always get a lot of requests for ladies, despite the fact that I rarely get to draw them in the comics. In this case, I even got to do a straight-up portrait... no masks, no superpowers... just a girl.

Red Sonja Head Sketch

Also, I've got a rare opportunity this month to show you something in progress. Since I didn't have time to finish a new Mythos cover for the collection, due in November, Marvel had to use a preexisting cover (Mythos: Fantastic Four) for the advanced solicitation. I'll post the images after each stage is completed, hopefully having the finished product in a couple weeks. This first sketch is a digital color study and has already been approved. Now all I have to do is find time to finish it in-between my Spidey book and The Twelve covers.

Mythos Color Study


  1. These are really beautiful. The cover is promising, great composition, great gesture, reminds me of those Mike Zeck Secret Wars covers. Is the collection going to include all Mythos books?

    Can't wait for the process stuff, because, quite honestly, I'm going to miss the painted stuff.

  2. hi, paolo
    i have a question theres gonnna be more mythos or this is only the cover for a trade paper back of the series????

    seeya and thanks for the atenttion

  3. This will be the cover for the collection, which will be in stores in November. The book will include all 6 issues, possibly with some additional artwork.

  4. Hey Paolo how many pages are you producing a week now on the new book?

  5. Reau,

    I'm finishing about a page every 2 days (but working constantly). I'll be halfway done (16 pages) by Friday. By the way, your profile pic never ceases to make me laugh.

  6. Love the color sensibilities. Yes.


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