Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 1

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Wacky Reference Wednesdays, a weekly feature in which I will display some of the awesome photos taken in the name of painted comic books. I will not immediately divulge the purpose of the photo, but may reveal more in the comments section. Enjoy (if you can)...


And here's the ultimate result of the above reference... the last panel of page 2 from Mythos: X-Men, in which Magneto has just removed all the iron from this poor man's blood.


  1. Ha ha, oh man these are gonna be fun! If anyone saw my reference shots I'm pretty sure I'd be thrown in the Mad House! (It took a lot for me not to say Arkham... DAMN! I just said it)

  2. i get the feeling that it has something to do with mexican food.

  3. you didn't let your frozen sandwich thaw all the way through the center?

  4. Oooh, can we post funny captions for your reference photos, Paolo?

    "Oh Barack Obama, how my heart aches for thee..."

  5. Kinda looks more like he can't take another one of those monosyllabic, highly inspired, unitarian church, hallelujah speeches composed of the same two words again, and again, once again, and one more time, ad nauseaum and ad eternum.

    Could we keep politics bullshit out of an art discussion website, please?

  6. Whoah, whoah, kiddies.

    First of all, I haven't officially endorsed anyone for the presidency, but as we well know, it will be the deciding factor.

    Second... Mom, I said I forgive you for all those frozen sandwiches... it was a long time ago and I turned out kind of okay.

    And th... I've lost count... Mike, I'm afraid you're beyond help. If you can't keep from typing Arkham, even when you're trying not to, then I think you may be a better candidate than you think.

  7. Needless to say, don't click on that last comment. I've already deleted it and will now require word verification for future posting.

  8. Brilliant ! It's magnificent, I'm fan of your work!

  9. That page that you posted is still my favorite out of the mythos series. I thought it was refreshing yet true to form interpretation. The light from the truck is what sells it. Though I understand it's not economically sound, I hope you'll be returning to oils one day.


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