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Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is the alter ego (and less incendiary half) of Ghost Rider. I sculpted this maquette during the summer of 2006, in preparation for Mythos: Ghost Rider. I wanted to faithfully reproduce the look of the original 70's comic, so much of my inspiration, including Johnny's likeness, came from Mike Ploog's drawings. There was a heroic male archetype of that period that I wanted to capture — more gaunt than current tastes (of course, this will all cycle around again). Also, I really wanted to sculpt a face whose underlying structure was just "burning" to get out. I can't believe I'm writing like this.

Anywho, the head is less than an inch high and is fairly roughly hewn. I have since painted it a flat gray (Acryla Gouache Neutral Gray No. 3.), but it was originally bare Super Sculpey.

From this angle, it looks to me a bit like Owen Wilson. I had no intention of this at the time. In fact, if I was looking at anyone, it was Michael Beck from The Warriors.

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  1. Hey Paolo,
    You are such an inspiration.

    The sculpture looks so cool.
    I didn't see the Owen Wilson resemblance, but did see Michael Beck in the rear 3/4 view.

    I think one of the things I enjoyed about this comic was the look (of the original) you gave it.


  2. Really nice sculpture. I like the expression on the face. Did you ever consider to use 3d printing to produce sculptures, maquettes or models?


  3. Sotopia,

    While I think that 3D printing is pretty darn cool, I don't really have a use for it. One original is enough for me.


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