Mythos: Ghost Rider, the Maquettes

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm running a little behind this week, so better photos will have to wait until Friday. Here are some old photos from around the time that I made these maquettes in 2006. First up is the Ghost Rider skull, which has a fully-articulated jaw. I don't normally incorporate moving parts into my sculpture, but I just couldn't help myself for this one. This shot was taken before I had sculpted the mandible, so the galvanized steel wire armature can still be seen. The entire head is less than an inch high.

And you may recognize this attractive mechanic from last week. The maquette would be roughly the same size as the skull if it weren't for her voluminous hair. Both were sculpted in Super Sculpey, an uncomfortable, peachy-flesh hue, around a wire armature. While I still have lots of Super Sculpey, I have since switched to Super Sculpey Firm, a tougher compound that accepts more detail and is flat gray. In addition, I've gone back to my older maquettes and painted them a similar gray, which makes them easier to see and photograph.

Wednesday: Wacky Reference


  1. Hi Paolo, you have a very cool blog. I read it every week. Thanks Nick

  2. I love these maquettes :)

    I think they're invaluable for value.

    (pardon the pun!)

    I like it how you can just watch at them and immediately see that the shadow under the eyes is so deep, and the lateral cranium is a lighter shade, and then the highlights on top of the head.

    Dear lord knows what erroneous barbarities arise when one tries to figure it out yourself! :) or how long more it takes.

    I love these, since i saw them in an interview you had at a website i can't know remember the name of.

    I was very surprised to see that Glenn Fabry even uses Poser(!) for a general lighting look-see.

  3. Hey Paolo,
    Those maquettes look great.
    I just started experimenting with sculpting.
    I had heard of mixing the Super Sculpey with other polymer clays, but I had not heard of Super Sculpey Firm. I will look for it and give it a try.
    I'm also planning on trying out the self hardening (2 part)clays, like the one from Aves(Apoxie Sculpt) or Magic-Sculpt.

    Thanks for posting those pics.

  4. Hi Paolo,

    Really nice maquettes / sculptures. Did you ever try to print them in 3D with a 3D printer?



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