Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 329

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Acryla Gouache, Photoshop on bristol board, 11 × 17″.

Marvel asked me to do a style guide pin-up of a certain popular character and I was more than happy to oblige. The only stipulation (besides "make it look cool") was that the figure had to be on a separate layer from the background. That being the case, I painted the main figure in gouache and the buildings in Photoshop using Kyle T. Webster's brushes (mostly the gouache set, and a few mods of my own).

Come at me, bro!

I wanted the figure in direct sunlight, so I took my handy mannequin outside to get the right light. I had to take a couple different pics to get the effects I wanted. I've also been working on a pair of legs in Sculptris that I lit in Photoshop for highlight information.

I have no idea where this will end up, but keep an eye out for it... and please let me know if you see it out in the wild!

raw scan of gouache painting

digital drawing with guides

digital color study

digital sketches

digital background

wip screen shot


  1. Dude...this came out awesome!
    I've always loved your take on Spidey.
    So now I'm wondering, is there a possibility that we may see prints of this available for purchase at future cons?

    1. Thanks, Ruben! It's a possibility, but we have to wait and see just how they're going to use it first. (I hope they make giant wall decals out of it.)

    2. Yes! A giant wall decal of this would be really cool!

  2. Hey, where can I buy a mannequin like that?

    1. Just updated the link above. It was a lot cheaper when I bought it. Give it some time and the price will come down. http://astore.amazon.com/theselabsman-20/detail/B0177DRVT0

  3. I notice you take pics of yourself in the pose, do you use that as a guide as well? I'd be embarrassed to ask someone to do that for me lol.

    1. Yep! I just use my webcam, so nobody ever sees these (except, of course, the whole internet).


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