Wacky Reference Wednesday, No. 189

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daredevil #10, Page 15. 2012. Ink(ed by Joe Rivera) on Marvel board, 11 × 17.25″.

Aside from the usual wacky photo reference, this page benefitted from my Sculptris maquette of the Mole Man. I started doing all my layouts digitally this year, so it wasn't a huge leap to just copy and paste my maquettes right into the page. I draw most of my layouts in "airbrush" to keep things from getting too tight or detailed before I print it out in blue-line and pencil over it. With faces, however, I'll take all the detail I can get.

Just a reminder: the Wacky Reference Wednesday No. 200 contest deadline is only 2 months away. I'm looking forward to seeing your entries.

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