Museum Reitberg Sketches

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I had the chance to sketch quite a bit while I was in Zurich. These are some ink drawings I did while visiting Museum Reitberg, a 15-minute walk from my hotel. I started with my trusty pencil, but quickly got bored, so I switched to a Pentel brush pen I picked up recently. (The label says it's gray ink, but even when watered down, it still looks fairly black).

Masks. 2012. Ink and pencil on paper, 10.5 × 8.25″.

Masks are one of my favorite things to draw in museums; they provide the rendering challenge of any 3D object while adding an exaggerated personality to every mark. They're also a great source of inspiration when designing your own characters. I plan on stealing as much as I can from these.

Masks. 2012. Ink on paper, 10.5 × 8.25″.


  1. I absolutely adore rough sketches like these! They make me want to draw so bad...Also, all of your Daredevil work has finally made me decide on a favorite comic book character. This is a huge honor because I'm the freak at school who hasn't chosen one yet. "You mean you don't buy backpacks and other assorted merchandise featuring your favorite inked fictional character??!?!" Nope. At least...not until now.

    1. Flannery! I am honored, indeed. Glad that I could be the one to help you decide.


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