Wacky Reference Wednesday, No. 180

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spectacular Spider-Man #14. 2004. Oil on masonite, 16 × 24″.

We are nearing another landmark for this series, which is the perfect excuse to host a contest for readers of this blog. Wacky Reference Wednesday No. 200 falls the week after Halloween, which lines up rather nicely with what I have planned. It's very simple: you send me pictures of yourself, your costumes, props, toys, 3D models—whatever it takes—and I'll choose one lucky winner as the basis for a painting.

The Rules:

1. one entry per person, 2 characters at the most
2. entries must be submitted to WRW200 at paolorivera.com
3. they're due on or by October 24, 2012
4. submission of photos grants permission to post them here

The Prizes:

1st Place: an original painting based on your reference
2nd Place: a Daredevil #1 blank variant with DD sketch
3rd Place: a signed print
Runners-Up: photos will be posted here

It's open to everyone. I'm looking for originality (not just a pic from last Halloween), perhaps some humor or narrative (all in good taste), and great lighting and composition. Basically, make me want to paint it. Good luck!


  1. Sounds like we've got some contenders. As for photo bombs, anything goes, but I want good composition! The main thing is to make me want to paint it.

  2. Hey, Mr. Rivera.
    You said that entries must be submitted to WRW200 at paolorivera.com. Is there going to be a submission button on your blog?

    (btw, I´m asking this ´cause I´d like to post it in our blog, Kokocast.com, if that´s ok with you)

    1. 5horas, I might incorporate a button at some point. But please feel free to spread the word.

  3. In regards to what you'd like us to send you for this, do you want us to send you maybe a rough sketch/thumbnail of a composition we may have in mind? or just the reference we have and a description of our idea?

  4. I'd prefer just a photo, since what I really want is lighting information, but if you want to combine photos and crop them a certain way, feel free. That's something I often do myself.

  5. Is the painting going to be a super hero painting? I'm just trying to think of how to pose.

    1. It's absolutely anything you want. The trick is to make me want to paint it. And the image has to have everything in it that I need to make a decent painting. Since it's all about reference, I want you to do the leg work, which means you can even composite photos, if you like.


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