Friday, November 11, 2011

Artist Paolo Rivera Gives a Tour of His Studio (PART 1) from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

I've got a new interview at David Wasting Paper, #248 in a long-running series of great quick-fire interviews with artists of all genres. Sorry, no "gotcha questions."  I was, however, reminded that I may not have posted this video interview by Michael Furth of The Comic Archive, who put together the Daredevil #1 time-lapse video. If all goes well, he'll be recording my progress on the last cover for The Twelve.

As for the Man w/o Fear, my Dad and I will be finishing up issue #7 this weekend. And the cover to #10 next week. And starting #9 after that. Have a great weekend!

Artist Paolo Rivera Gives a Tour of His Studio (PART 2) from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks, Narciso. Mike and I will be doing some more interviews in the future, including a painted cover, start to finish. Should be fun.

  2. OH Wow, this is so neat. I really like these. I'm glad you're doing more. It will be a treat to watch!

  3. So inspiring, thanks for sharing! Great advice on sculpting anatomy to better learn. Totally going to pick up some sculpty :) THanks For sharing

  4. Thanks, Brock, it's Super Sculpey Firm that's my favorite. Though, lately, I've been doing all my sculpting digitally via Sculptris, a free program. Definitely worth checking out.

  5. Where can I buy one of those 11 point spacer tools? That looks super neat!

  6. Anonymous, it was expensive when I bought it, and it seems as though the price has gone up even more. I found a link here. I don't use it as much anymore, since all my perspective work is done digitally.


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