Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 134

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Four Fantastic Villains. 2010.
Acrylic, gouache, and watercolor on bristol board, 11 x 17".

I'm back in Brooklyn! I had a wonderful time in Florida visiting my family and friends. I must say, however, I'm anxious to get back to work. I've been talking up my secret project for some time now and I will finally begin work on it this week. I should finish it before the end of January, but I can't say when it will be revealed. Until then, here are some pictures of me without a shirt on.

This should be next year's Christmas card.

I seem to have misplaced the Speedos I wore sophomore year of RISD when I went to a dance "dressed" as Namor, so I had to make a substitution: corduroy for scales, with an assist from my bodybuilding trophy (purchased, not earned) for appropriate highlights. Sadly, my flat feet cannot be pointed.


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