Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 120

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #640, Page 16, Panel 4. 2010. Ink on Marvel board (with
digital color), 11 x 17.25".

This shot in particular gave me a lot of trouble, so I ended up posing as the damsel in distress in order to move things along. Until I did the gesture myself, I couldn't get her figure to look like it was resting on the ground. A simple shadow under her leg would've made it even more effective, but what's done is done. That being said, I wish I had colored in her lower back; it was my original intent in the drawing phase.

This is how I spend the majority of my days.

Inked with a Winsor & Newton Series 7 #6 brush, using Pelikan Drawing Ink A

Penciled with a 2mm lead holder, hardness of B or 2B, chisel tip

Amazing Spider-Man #640, Page 16. 2010. Pencil on bristol board, 4 x 6".

And finally, here's the panel in context, albeit in the layout phase. As you can see, the meat is all there, but the condiments are missing. Also, panel 6 is a repeated panel, the code for which I've written at the top. This helps to remind me why I did such a bad drawing.


  1. Figures at rest are always so difficult.

    (I loved this issue, by the way. Is it me, or does the guy Pete asks to watch May look like Brevoort?)

  2. He does sorta look like Brevoort. Musta been in the script.


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