Happy President's Day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mythos: Captain America, Page 10 (panel 3 detail). 2008.
Acryla Gouache and gouache on bristol board, 11 x 17"

Well, I didn't have any "presidential" artwork aside from last year's Livid Lincoln, so you'll have to settle for a Captain America painting detail. Below, you'll find the final drawing that served as the painting's foundation, the color study, and preliminary layout.


  1. Great work Paolo! I need buy your work in Spain!

  2. congratulations for your work, Paolo. I discovered you work few months ago, and I became a fan.
    If you want to, and if you have the time, you can visit my blog:

    thanks for your art!

  3. always liked this captain america painting. One thing I really liked about the Mythos book was you were able to show scenes of the heroes doing things they would actually do if they existed, little things that often get ignored in favor of action.

  4. I agree with Evan T. This a great painting and I love your style. Im very fond of the facial gestures going on, especially with the children. Reminds me of something Norman Rockwell would do.

  5. I love the expression of the kid standing to Captain America's left. He looks nervous as hell!

  6. Thanks, guys! This is definitely one of my personal favorites. A lot of the inspiration for the kids came from old classroom photos I found on-line.

    Evan, if you like those down-to-earth scenes, you should check out some of the old Marvel Essentials collections. They're chock full of great stories that do just that (along with a healthy dose of action).

    Pepe, thanks for the link. Nice work! My favorite by far was the Girls Girls Girls post... it looks like it may have been your favorite as well.


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