Broken Satellites

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silver Surfer vs. Gladiator Study
. 2004. Pencil on paper (sketchbook), 16 x 13".

Here's an odd sketch from way back. My roommate and I had discussed collaborating on a short story concerning a dispute between Silver Surfer and Gladiator over a broken satellite. What were we thinking? Perhaps we just wanted to draw a super-powered fight in space.

In other news, issue 3 of my upcoming 4-issue Spidey run is penciled (phew), so I'm moving on to the final. And for a nice change of blog pace, this Friday I'll feature a critique via e-mail for an up and coming illustrator.


  1. wanting to draw a super-powered fight in space = perfect grounds for wanting to make a story!

  2. Yes, Evan, I'm sure that has been sufficient inspiration for many a comic book.

    Francisco, I'd have agree with you on that one.

  3. I love the gigantism proportions of Gladiator. Too often characters are given the Generic Heroic Proportions when they could be so much more visually interesting.

  4. Thanks, Daniel. I try to have fun with body types (within the limits of the superhero archetype, of course).


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