Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 73

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mythos: Captain America, page 14, (2008)
gouache and acrylic on bristol board
performance piece with bicycle, bicycle pump, spray paint, and African mask (2008)

As if that display of emotion were not enough, here's the page during the underpainting stage:

And for "Wacky Reference" from the bottom panel, check out the previous post.


  1. Fantastic- do you have a magnetic drawing board? (I thought I saw magnets holding up your bits of paper on the side). Inspiring stuff as always

  2. Hey Paolo this probably by favorite page from this series that you did EXCELLENT RENDERING, MOOD, STORYTELLING!

  3. curious, your editor was cool with the reverse colors of the shield? Kinda dig it.

  4. This is great stuff. I really appreciate you going through the trouble to post your reference photos that you take of yourself.

  5. JP, I sure do. You can find links to the magnets and board here.

    Dwight and Alex, thank you so much.

    Janimal, the shield is based on Cap's early version, which you'll see on all the Golden Age covers except the first one (which has the triangular shield). In Mythos: Cap, I decided to have them "repaint" it after he's thawed out in the modern era. You can see that in the Avengers spread.


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