Old Man Logan's Run

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is my inner eight-year-old unleashed.

—Spoiler Alert—

When I first read the Old Man Logan issues that my editor gave me, what immediately grabbed my inner child was a T-Rex bonded to the alien symbiont known as Venom. Couple that with Wolverine and a horse and you pretty much have my entire mind mapped (with the exceptions of spacemen, aliens, robots, ninja turtles, and girls). Alas, it was not meant to be. Though my editor completely agreed with the sheer awesomeness of a T-Rex, covered in an alien, chasing a mutant with a metal skeleton and healing factor on a horse in the desert, the assignment called for a cover that had to either resemble a scene from the issue, or be iconic (read: generic) enough to sum up the series.

Betting that would be the case, I didn't even finish Wolverine and his horse before sending off the comp. Maybe some day I'll get to paint dinosaurs.

By the way, the actual cover came out yesterday, although, being a variant, it might be hard to find in stores.

Tomorrow: we round out Old Man Logan week (Shark Week ain't got nothing on me) with some progress pics taken during the painting process.


  1. It would have been awesome to see Logan ride a Venom T-Rex, Napoleon style.

  2. I'd buy that book solely for the cover if it had a venom tyrannosaurus on it. Ah well...Someday, somebody will realize the awesomeness of such a scenario...

    This is like all the covers I see for the comic the Land that Time Forgot (pretty sure that's the name,or close to it.) It always has great scenarios for the covers (Pterodactyls attacking a messerschmidt in flight, Triceratops taking on a tank,) but the interiors for some reason always has nothing of that sort, and a lot of talking head scenes...

  3. i think noone has ever painted an oil t-rex\alien piece,....it would be nice to see....

  4. i think your magination for ideas, would make better fiction, than the one we were presented with.

    it's what i miss about comics, most of the ideas were "made as you go", so to speak,

  5. Well, it does raise the question whether the Venom symbiote would have any effect on an animal's intelligence or behavior.... hopefully you'll be able to answer that for me someday!

  6. Thanks, everyone. Perhaps someday we'll get the chance again. Apparently, symbiont-covered dinosaurs have been getting more popular in the Marvel Universe, so you never know.

    Christina, I'll let you know as soon as I find out. I can't imagine a T-Rex getting any more ferocious.


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