First Snow

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We had our first snow in New York on Saturday. It finally feels like winter.

"Things" are getting pretty hectic around here as I try to finish my current project by January. I'll keep posting, but mostly just pretty pictures. I've got some really cool announcements and plans for the coming year, including an in-depth step by step feature on my Red Sonja sculpture. I'll also be giving a lecture at the Brooklyn Public Library in February, just before the NYCC.

Oh yeah, almost forgot— if you haven't picked up the Mythos hardcover yet, I've added a convenient link on the sidebar where you can purchase it from Amazon. I'll even get a commission if you do!


  1. the sculpt feature sounds interesting. This pic made me think of another thing to put on your blog "to do" list, not sure if you used Sketch Up for this piece but you've mentioned before that you have used it, and I've love to see how you handle it in your comic work.

  2. What an amazing cityscape seen! I love the suspended watertowers that decorate the city. The're one of the most visually-intriguing aspects of NYC, especially in drawings or paintings. Elegant stuff, Paolo.

  3. Michael, I actually used Google Earth for this particular scene. If you don't have it already, it's well worth your while. The link above goes to a quick video tour.

    Matt, glad you liked it. I'm always looking for excuses to draw those water towers.

  4. I really like this image a lot. It looks so great just as a black and white image, too.

    Also, what time will your Brooklyn Library event be? I might just swing over for the day for that. :)

  5. I believe the lecture will be at 7PM. I'll devote a post to it with all the info next month.


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