Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 18

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nothing says, "Time to attack the day!" like tucking your shirt into your pajama pants. Whenever I descend into "crazy deadline time," my clothing habits leave much to be desired.


  1. Ok, I got a laugh out of the pajama comment.

    As always, it's very cool to see the process.
    The "sketchup" reference (in a prior post) which is also evident in "cap, part 4" is very cool.

    The HeroesCon sketches look great. I remember seeing you working on the batgirl piece (yeah, that mirror set-up is very, very cool).

  2. oh you are sooo wacky, paolo. question, i know you use yourself for reference when it comes to poses. but how do you figure out faces? i mean, how do you decide how (non-super hero) characters will look?

  3. Hi Emma!

    For my non-superhero characters, I usually just change the proportions and features until it looks right. People, in terms of actual geometry, aren't all that different. We just happen to be hyper-sensitive.

  4. ahh, that makes sense. now that i think about it, that's how i usually go about people paintings / drawings. :)


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