Twelve Covers

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well, maybe not quite twelve covers. If you saw May's comic book solicitations, you might have noticed a cover with my name on it for the new series, The Twelve. I got the word from my editors that they needed a cover for the next book and I graciously accepted. If all goes well, I'll be painting the covers for the rest of the series, eight in all. Pictured above is #5.

Also coming in May is issue #6 of The Iliad. I'm currently working on the penultimate cover, which I should be able to show in about a month.


  1. Paolo-
    Wow !
    Both of these look awesome!

  2. Definitely these are some great covers.
    ~Manny Mederos

  3. Nice covers, the helmet in the second one is awesome, i keep staring at it.


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