Rodin Museum

Friday, February 8, 2008

I seem to find myself in Philadelphia every summer for the Wizard World Convention that's held there. This past year, I made the best of it and went to the Museum of Art and the Rodin Museum. I enjoy drawing the human figure from sculpture because they never move, so it's a great way to study anatomy. Furthermore, it's the figure through the filter and vision of another artist who's done most of the hard work for you. This year, I hope to take a decidedly morbid turn and go to the Mutter Museum.

Also, you may not recognize the Écorché figure on the right as being a Rodin. In fact, it's a model sculpted by Andrew Cawrse that keeps vigilant watch over my drafting table. Sometimes I will draw from it in the morning to "loosen up" before a day of the art-making.


  1. the banner piece is super fresh man, i'm digging all the work you've been doing. when will the mythos stuff gonna come out, cant wait ?

  2. I'm working on Mythos: Captain America right now, which was slated for March, but I think it's going to be pushed back. Hopefully, when this is all done, Marvel will collect it into a trade, but I probably won't know until everyone else.


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