Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 390

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

TELLOS. 2017. Photoshop, 5400 × 4175 px.

This was my contribution to last year's huge Tellos tribute honoring Mike Wieringo. I only did 2 pages, but a lot of detail went into it. I relied heavily on the artwork throughout this and previous books to get the characters and environment just right. I don't think I took any reference photos for the main figures, but I probably posed in front of the mirror the get the gestures right.

The fortress plan was a quick sketch done in Photoshop, which was then warped into perspective. This is the fastest way to achieve an accurate floor plan, from which you can build an entire scene.

Couldn't fit all the inspirational art! Every page by a different artist!

digital inks

digital pencils

digital layout

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